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What We Do

The aim of Watto’sWords is to produce articles and repor​​​​​ts offering an interesting, thought-provoking and objective view on sporting events, gigs and travel, as well as observations on life; to provide a fresh perspective and to stimulate the mind; to provoke discussion and comment; yet to hopefully provide some fun and humour along the way. Life has to be fun and, in this busy world in which we live, reading has to be fun and enjoyable too.


To date, the majority of my blog posts have related to sport.  As mentioned previously I have a keen interest in rugby, football, cricket, golf, tennis and athletics, and I like to write about them all.

In view of my own personal interest I regularly write articles and report about Queens Park Rangers, Wasps as well as England Rugby, football and cricket teams, yet enjoy commenting on a wide range of sporting issues across all sports.

I most enjoy attending matches in person and being there 'live'.  There is no substitute to seeing matches with my own eyes, taking it all in, forming my own opinion and then putting my thoughts into words.  Television, video and radio, as well as the print media, are handy companions, but nothing beats the raw emotion of being there and seeing sport for real.

I am also very interested in the psychology of sport.  What is it that makes sportsmen and women 'tick', what inspires and motivates them?  This has formed the basis for many of my articles over the years, an untrained view yet one gained from years of playing and experiencing such emotions myself, and then watching others in the professional arena.


The same applies to ‘live’ music. Seeing it, hearing it, experiencing it, feeling it and then writing about it can be very special and like nothing else.  I attend numerous concerts and gigs, big ones and small ones, some in huge iconic venues, others in small backstreet locations, all different, yet all with the same passion. To see famous renown acts and those starting out on their musical journey. All unique experiences in their own way, every one different.  I want to share some of these momentous experiences with you.

In the same way that sport has the ability to thrill and excite, so does music. It has power and emotion. It gets people on their feet, with their hands in the air. ‘Live’ music has a beauty of its own and I hope to capture some of what I see in words. 


Travel is the natural partner to sport and music.  In its own way the exploration and discovery of a new destination can be fascinating.  To experience life and different cultures; new cities and landscapes; restaurants and hotels can be hugely fulfilling. Such experiences can provide a different and fresh perspective on daily life and I will seek to review and regale, and put into words a little more of what the world has to offer.

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