April Showers – 29 April 2012

You know the answer in your mind long before you see it with your eyes, you think that you have heard it but maybe, perhaps your ears are deceiving you, you hope but is it just blind hope? After all many unusual and strange noises resonate through a building, but the pitter patter on the roof can only mean one thing, or can it? It is slow and unforgivng, re-assuring some may say but only for a duvet day, for those reliant on a ‘sunny one’ exciting plans may be shattered, for those adventurous outdoor hiking types, a mere inconvenience, this is the norm,  the show must go on, all such thoughts flashing through your mind as you gingerly tread towards the window, the curtains overlapping at the centre, your mind hoping yet fearing as you slowly reach up and pull the curtains apart…the omens are poor, the bright radiant sunlight of late March seems a distant memory, you recall the feeling of having to shade your eyes from such unexpected brightness when performing this task only a few weeks ago…. the pitter patter becomes louder and more persistent, the gap in the curtains becomes wider, the greyness of the day enters in and fills the room, the sky is bleak, the trees blowing in a somewhat forlorn reluctant manner, not the blowy invigorating expectant way that you might associate with a spring morning, you search for signs of blue but alas there are none, greyness abounds, the puddles gather on the footpaths and pathways, you check them for visible proof and they appear alive with dancing jumping droplets of rain, this is no illusion, it is real, it is proof if ever you needed it, April showers are here for the day….

29 April 2012

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