“Different Days with The Charlatans” – Concert Review – O2 Brixton Academy

It is the morning after the night before. Hey sunrise !
Last night the iconic Manchester band, The Charlatans bought their lively distinctive guitar beat to London Town, to Brixton. They did not disappoint.
Lead singer, Tim Burgess, flung his arms into the air as he took to the stage, over rising to the occasion, one senses with an angel on his shoulder, seeking adulation. As ever, love is the key.
Talking one to another, some people might think Burgess is a bit of a weirdo, talking in tones, over again.
But these are different days. So oh, just when you’re thinking things over, the band are spinning out, playing their music and there’s no plastic machinery here.
The  north country boy, in fact the only one I know, Burgess,  is tellin’ stories, just like you imagine when he was on Sproston Green.
He says that there will be chances and that we should let the good times be never ending.
Words of a modern nature, yet Madchester is forever and is not forgotten.

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