“Sounds good to me” – Happy Mondays Review – Roundhouse, Camden Town

Hallelujah ! The 24 hour party people, the Happy Mondays, returned to London Town. Camden Town to be precise. At just gone 9pm they were in the house, the Roundhouse and took to the stage.

Time to step on for the expectant audience. They had been wooed with some classic DJ dance music, a good life all round but it was time for the playground superstar to make his entrance, albeit he appears more like a dysfunktional uncle these days. Others may disagree, surely Bob’s yer uncle.

Shaun Ryder wrote for luck.  But the use of iconic lyrics such “‘you’re twistin’ my melon man” was no luck. Inspired. T-shirts still bear the classic line.

Some may accuse him of lazyitis on stage. But that’s him. Black trousers. Black casual zipped up kagool. Black shades. Swigging on a beer. All Madchester. No loose fit here.

Not for Bez. All wiry movement, freaky dancin’ just like a jellybean. Crazy. Mad. Pills ‘n’ thrills and bellyaches for everyone. More ? Yes please!

Kinky afro Rowetta added the gloss. It was magical. The Manchester beat lives on.

All sunshine and love. Yippee-ippee-ey-ey-ay-yey-yey.  It still sounds good to me.

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