Harry’s Brand New Pig Bag – 2 August 2013

Welcome back to the joy division! This human league is nothing like those in Africa, America, Asia or Europe. This is the national landscape, it is a big country and the R’s fans will be travelling in the cars to the northern uproar, down to the beautiful south, taking in the streets of east 17 and will also go west for their adventures this coming season.
And back in the inner city westlife of Loftus Road, where London is calling, over 10,000 maniacs will be walking the streets round the Bush. A-ha, there will be new supergrass and new wider blue and white stripes, sorry hoops! Away it will no longer be simply red, but black hoops too.

There has been much talk talk by the talking heads about the new season. Last season was a blur, just madness and garbage, a complete babyshambles and divine comedy at times.  It was like poison.  We cannot have teardrops exploding again. Last year we had an extreme motley crew,  a bunch of pretenders, charlatans and moody blues. Johnny foreigner and a group of rolling stones looking for a last pay cheque. It was bad company. The alarm has been raised, we reached dire straits and seemed at an all time low. We cannot take that again.

And what about Harry? Yes, he is a survivor, yet needs to foster the people. He has the knack but does he have the cure? He can certainly be Doctor Feelgood at times. The spin doctors are out in force for he has dodgy undertones too, a sort of fun lovin’ criminal. But is he just a cheap trick?  He does have a public image limited to protect. He has had his men at work, including ugly kid joe, burning the midnight oil looking for players for the new team. He is not satisfied with the status quo and so there will definitely be a new order. So much to muse. He is on the mission, he has a crowded house and several of the faces have to go. He has made the move and shed seven already, away with the damned so he can usher in the the new.

As for the runaway boys, it seems that Adel(e) will be shown the doors, the fall from grace complete. Harry has faith no more, he has become the fall out boy, no doubt there must have been a clash. Such a shame for he was a jewel and a wizzard, a prodigy, a prince perhaps, maybe even a king, certainly one of the specials or the supremes for the supporters. He had the xx factor and was like an oasis in a desert, but never an athlete. But will there be a sting in the tail? What will be the calling, Monaco perhaps?

But who will be the new seekers, or even the new radicals? Will it just be ordinary boys, levellers with simple minds?

Will Harry’s new team play with verve, imagination, heart and soul to soul. Will it embrace change,  dance to the beat and resemble the style council, a sort of culture club and play the wonder stuff or will it just be a bunch of savages and foo fighters They certainly cannot have a soft cell and be wet wet wet. They must play in more than one direction and have wings.

So what will be the cast?  The feeling is that it is looking like a green day in goal and the back street boys are likely to include danny boy and captain sensible, a so solid crew. Will the flair come from Junior and the allstars or will we looking at the young ones, the new kids on the block, the futureheads. At the Mo it could be Max or Frankie, so long as he does not go to Hollywood. Fine young cannibals perhaps, who are keane and will appeal to the teenage fanclub, so long as they do not spend too much time scouting for girls. One day they might be giants. Or will we be relying on park life and Gloria Estef(b)an? And will we have a massive attack?

Let’s hope that we have happy mondays again after the saturdays. Please no more black sabbaths and vampire weekends.
So which way will the pendulum swing and will we be high flying birds at the end of the season? What is written in the script? Will a flock of seagulls take us to the gold at the end of the rainbow? Will we be dead or alive ? Will it be the darkness, drinking hot chocolate, eating blancmange and the jam on a limp bizkit in a sad cafe, or will we be sipping bucks fizz on a rocket to the moon or an inspiral carpet with bare naked ladies?  Where will the spear of destiny land……

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