In The Queue For The Barbecue – 2 June 2012

This is England – this is spirit, this is community, making the best of everything. It is Jubilee and the rain falls. The weatherman said it would. The marquees are up, the bbq is billlowing, the hay stacks are in place, the beer barrels are emptying, the queues are long and getting longer but nobody cares, the music beats on. Children dressed in union jack uniform run and play, old friends share stories, new friends greet each other like old friends and the rain falls. Umbrellas are up. Hoods are up. The tressel tables are emptying as the rain falls harder, the weatherman says it will thunder later. But nobody cares. The next band have struck up, ‘stuck in the middle with you’. Spirits are undiminished…
2 June 2012

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