“For Crying Out Loud” – Kasabian ‘live’ at the O2 – Review

Kasabian. The best live rock band in the Empire ? Or maybe just the British Legion? For twentyfourseven anyway.
Don’t put your life on it or shoot the runner but they are certainly no longer the underdog.
Sergio was like a king for the day. He got the audience loose and when we said ‘jump’, they jumped. So eez-eh.
Tom, the comeback kid, was on fire, like a rewired bumblebee.
Days like this are not forgotten. All lost souls forever together, wasted yet blesssd in the acid house, of the O2 Arena, it was a real treat.
Kasabian have a fast fuse yet live to fight another day, they live to fight again.
As to being the best ? Well, the audience were in ecstasy.

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