Positano – Picture Perfect

Positano, very easy on the lense, but not so easy on the legs. For every picture postcard view, and one seems to appear at every corner, there seems to be a mountain of steps to climb. Yet every step is worth it for Positano really is a very special place.

It is built into the hills and it’s myrisd of colours are both fascinating and mesmerising. It is no wonder that views of the town adorn the front cover of just about every tourist guide about the Amalfi coast, and quite rightly so. It is one of the most picturesque views on the planet, and that is no exaggeration.

It has become a number one tourist destination and travellers come from far and wide to enjoy and experience the town and its unique setting. The small landing stage on the seafront is buzz of excited activity, those arriving gazing open mouthed at the beauty of the view, those leaving taking the last of many photos on their phones. There are baggage handlers loading up small vehicles before disappearing up narrow alleyways to deposit tourists cases at their sleeping places . Many a language drifts around hotel corridors and in the plethora of fine restaurants.

Hotels are somehow shoehorned alongside each other and nestled into the rocks and provide the ultimate rooms ‘with a view’.

Despite being an undoubted tourist attraction, the town has maintained its charm and character. No ‘kiss me quick’ t shirts here yet not pretentious either. It seems to strike the right balance and caters for all needs.

People promenade and parade, preen and pose, peruse and purchase. The windy steep streets provide something of a magical mystery tour adorned by beautiful boutiques, shops selling shoes and sandals, colourful ceramics, luxurious linen, gorgeous galleries and stylish studios.

For views and vistas, cool calm colours, magic and mystery, and all in a setting to die for, Positano is picture perfect.

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