“Riding on time” – The Rewind Festival, Henley, August 2015 – Tuesday 25th August 2015

At Rewind 2015, everyone was a winner! Especially the Caribbean queens, even the stool pigeons.

Claire said ‘don’t talk to me about love’ to which Billy responded ‘that when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. Since you’ve been gone, we closed our eyes and just took a ride on time, where heaven is a place on earth and where there are circles in the sand. When smokey sings, he has a look of love but can’t resist shooting poison arrows to the kids in America. Kim kept us hanging on in the dark until there were orchestral manoeuvres and then there was electricity and Joan of Arc appeared like a souvenir.

And then it was rainy Sunday, but we kept on movin’, back to life and back to reality where there is often too much pressure on my radio, which plays pop music and we talk about pop pop pop music, which has got to be perfect. And there was a division of joy telling us that love will tear us apart again, but then in the 17th heaven we were told to keep us from temptation and then to keep china in our hands. Soon we were dancing with tears in our eyes, imagining we were in Vienna and as the sky faded to grey, we didn’t want to let the sun go down on us. It can be a cruel summer, especially when Robert de Niro is kept waiting by Venus. Wouldn’t it be good to be a mirror man, who keeps feeling fascination listening to the sound of the crowd and getting some love action.

And as the fireworks exploded, we drifted off into the night, our minds wondering about that waitress who was working in a cocktail bar ……


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