“The Boys Tour”

The Boys Tour. Most boys have done one. Many have done more. Many cannot stop. Some are still waiting. They are a unique experience, away from the humdrum and mundane. Something different, sometimes very different. 

The tour can come in many forms. Sports tours, stag do’s and birthdays most often. Team tours, sometimes for weeks, most though for a long weekend. Skiing for the young bucks and the forty and fifty somethings, golf for the slightly more mature too, in age not mind. 

The boys come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Who does what ? Who cares. In it together, all for one, one for all. 

In every location. Cities, mountains and golf courses around the world. The hosts for most. 

Different from the girls tour. No make up and glitter, Facebook or Twitter. Just scorecards and beer, have no fear.

No bitching, no judgement. No cliques. No egos, on the best ones. Just boys. Being boys.

Familiar faces. Worn out faces. New faces. All together, as one. Team spirit personified. Like the old days. It’s all about bonding, making that connection, the shared experience. 

But be on your game. Stay sharp and focussed, if you can. You let your guard down and it can be costly. You might have to pay. You will have to pay. Just a simple arithmetic misjudgement or a foolish act and face the consequences. The laughter, the hilarity and the butt of jokes. It’s happened to everyone. 

Passport, wallet, keys and phone. Passport, wallet, keys and phone. The mantra. Simple rules. Don’t forget.

Banter, joie de vivre and the stories. Stories and more stories. Enhanced and indulged. Memories from the night before. 

Lagers and late nights, but have no fights. Replenish the whip, like saving a sinking ship. Casinos and girls, it’s all a whirl.

Questions questions, can you last the pace ? It’s all about stamina. The old adage ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’ is never truer. Don’t shoot your bolt too soon, the first night syndrome can come back to haunt. Keep something back, leave a little in the tank for night two and night three……

Yet the Boys Tour is not for everyone. Don’t fancy it? Don’t go.

If you do go, join in and embrace, do so with grace and a willing face. You always get out what you put in, the upside is high, way up into the sky yet the downside is low and can be a tale of woe. 

So put your hands into your pockets and put your hands into the air. Touch it and feel it, and just let it happen. The Boys Tour, for evermore. 

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