The Olympic Stadium – One Year On 27 July 2013

Sitting in the stand of the sports arena, waiting for the show to begin. Yet this is no ordinary arena, this is the Olympic Stadium, one year on. An arena familiar to the world, viewed on television sets by millions and visited by the lucky few.

A scene which brings back ‘never to be forgotten memories’ of magical Olympic moments, the joyful exuberance of the golden girl Jessica Ennis, the power and speed of Usain Bolt and perhaps above all the sheer brilliance and determination of Mo Farah. The hairs on the back of the neck stand up to recall the emotion of the thrilling chase and the tears roll down at the memory of the joy and elation of the victory. Those were truly great sporting moments.

Yet this is one year later, the venue remains intact and the same players will be performing on the same stage but how will it feel? Will the hunger and desire still be there? Are their bodies in the same peak of physical condition to reach the levels of performance they did 12 months ago?

The adoring British public are here in their masses yet again, the event sold out in an hour, as their appetite for top class athletics remains undiminished. Indeed the clamour for tickets in the Olympic Stadium is as strong as it was this time last year, some legacy indeed. The atmosphere is sure to be noisy and vibrant, it will feel like a homecoming of sorts to the Olympic ‘heroes’ and they will want to put on a show. David Bowie’s song of the same name resonates around the stadium as if to remind us of the significance of the day. The video screens show highlights of ‘Super Saturday’ and why not.

As the sun beats down, the stadium slowly begins to fill. 2012 memorabilia features prominently as the crowd show their sporting colours. Sebastian Coe talks warmly of this being a celebration and a thank you to all who followed the Olympic journey.

It is nearly time for the talking to stop. The memories remain vivid of 2012 yet this is another day and an important afternoon of Diamond League athletics awaits in preparation for the World Championships in a few weeks time.

Bring it on ……

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