6 Nations Summary – Last Round of Matches 19 March 2017

My thoughts :

I think that yesterday’s results were bad for the Lions, especially England’s defeat. Gatland needs a team full of players who can perform under pressure, away from home and England’s players came up woefully short. They did it in Australia when it was dry but not in Ireland where it was wet and far more passionate. Wales were desperately unfortunate in Paris.

Ignoring Italy, the only away win in the whole championship was England winning in Wales, and that was all a bit fortunate.

So, yesterday’s matches:

Scot v Ita – terrible first half of aimless kicking and poor play which improved a bit as Scotland got ahead. They were understandably cautious after what happened at Twickenham and as a result took no risks and didn’t really try and play any rugby for ages, until they had got ahead. It was all about territory and playing the game in the Italian’s half. To be fair, it worked  and Finn Russell had taken his medicine from the previous week. He played a sensible match and then showed his skills when the match opened up, so well done to him. Hogg played well again with confidence as did some of Scotlands other backs as the game developed. Italy were simply awful though and let themselves down badly.

Fra v Wales : a good match and very tense. Wales built on their victory over Ireland and I thought really played quite well and not panicking when 10-0 down. Halfpenny’s goal kicking was exceptional even if his all round game is still a bit off. Tupiric was everywhere and had an excellent match. However, the French were also well up for it and were very dangerous at times. A bit of a farce at the end but I don’t think that it would have changed the result. I thought Wayne Barnes refd it very well and stayed calm and fair to both sides. Many other refs might have awarded a penalty try sooner but he gave everyone a chance.

Ire v Eng : Ire were really up for it and their lesser lights really stood up and came to the party, playing a typical Irish game in the wet conditions and putting so much pressure on the English that they buckled and couldn’t handle it. Sexton ran the match. England made so many mistakes (esp dropping the ball) and gave away so many stupid penalties, often in their eagerness to win back the ball esp Lawes, Itoje and Billy, that they just couldn’t get into the game at all. They got no ball and as a result no field position. It was backs to the wall all match and the Irish had a real stranglehold over England that they just couldn’t get out of.

Players of the weekend:


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