Farewell Ebere Eze

Farewell Ebere Eze. Everyone knew it was coming but it still feels so sad. For me. For all QPR fans. However, you more than deserve the chance to play on the highest stage and showcase your skills.

You leave with everyone’s blessing and best wishes. We want you to succeed, to be the star that you have already become to us, your dedicated disciples, and to fulfill your potential at the very highest level, in the promised land of the Premier League.

You wore the famous number 10 shirt with pride, you let no-one down, indeed quite the opposite, you flourished. You have such natural talent and played with such style and grace, with the precious commodity of time, you always had time. You floated, you glided with ease and you were an absolute delight to watch.

You have scored some wonderful goals and showed incredible skill. I have watched in awe and with wide-eyed amazement, I have smiled wider than I thought possible, I have punched the air, I have hugged my fellow supporters and I even cried at Villa Park.

I have never met you but you have played a big part of my life as a QPR supporter over the past few years. Just seeing your name on the team sheet sent a shiver, for you always made something special happen. It has been a joy and a pleasure.

Farewell Ebere Eze. Show the world what you are made of. Good luck.

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