The Awesome Alps in Autumn

Switzerland shows off a serene, stylish, scenic, sophisticated, sun-kissed and snowcapped spectacle.

It is bold, bright, brilliant and beautiful, magnificent mountain masterpieces majestically rising and ruling over the rich yet rugged landscape.

It is dramatic yet diverse. Seasons set the scene. As snow settles, sits and surrounds, skiing and snowboarding succeed cycling and strolling. Skiers salivate, speeding skilfully through the soft snow. Sublime.

As the summer starts, salopettes and skis are substituted by shorts, sandals and sporty shoes. Ski schools shut on the summits, elevated eeriness envelopes these empty edifices, until snow saturates again.

An ever changing picture to provide perfect picture postcard photographs, images illustrating ideals and idiosyncrasies. Splendour, sometimes so surreal.

Autumn is awe-inspiring and atmospheric, accentuating an air of adventure. A walking wonderland, challenging climbs with awkward aching ascents and deep daring descents. A calming kaleidoscope of colour. Rich autumnal accents alongside and against bold bright blue skies. Jaw dropping.

Fine food forms focus, featuring filling feasts of fondue au fromage. French fusion finds fancy foibles. Coffee and chocolate chunks cherished and cheered. Pride and precision in presentation. Perfect.

For the suave Swiss, quality is unquestioned and unparalleled, timing always impeccable. Like clockwork.

All in all, autumn is amazing and awesome and after autumn, the snow settles and the skiing season starts, you really can set your watch by it.

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